We Need to Repent

We need to repent, as a nation. Just like in the days of Jonah, we need a clear message in America, that if we do not Repent and return to the Lord our God; the God of Abraham, Issac and Israel, then America will be destroyed.

Cory Russel has been preaching that “there is a military crisis scheduled for this nation and this generation, if the people of God don’t begin to wake up, and respond in the right way.”

I’m already seeing it. Riots and unrest in the streets of our larger and godless cities.

Also, the increase of cancer, autism, infertility, dementia, alzheimers, diabetes, flu killing 11,000-61,000 a year, and now COVID-19 killing more than 150,000 in the US as of the time this article was published.  I believe famine would also be in the land due to pests eating crops and a lack of nutrients in the soil and rain from the sky.  Wildfires are increasing, along with earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  I’ve seen tsunamis and mudslides in other countries.  And finally, the warring between ethnicities and religions.  Islam killing christians in Iraq, and Hindus killing Christians and running them out of India, and both are trying to take over America through immigration and taking positions in every sphere of influence, to change it from the inside.

In response, companies are trying to make vaccines, treatments, GMO crops, increasing fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  They’re asking for tons of money.  Race for the cure.  Give, give, give.  To what end?  To end the famine and disease without changing their ways.  According to the bible, they’re not addressing the root cause of the problem.  See Deutoronomy 28:15-68.

The bible prescribes a cheaper and more effective solution:

We need to repent. That means stop disobeying Gods commandments, statutes and laws, and start obeying them. When we do this, we’re not expected to be perfect or mature. We’re just expected to be trying, and when we fail, we need to acknowledge it, push delete, and sign up again. James 5 says, “Are any of you sick? Confess your sins to one another, and the prayer of the righteous will be effective.”


I’m not asking America to do something that I am not doing.  I have first hand experience with repentance.  I was addicted to pornography, masturbation, sex outside of marriage, and headed toward homosexuality and polygamy.  I sang songs like “Satan is my motor” with Cake, and “Hello father Lucifer, how’s your Jesus been hanging?” with Tori Amos.  I stole products from stores and amusement parks.  I had sexual fantasies about every woman that passed my way, even pastors wives once I did return to church (God forgive me).  I fantasized about stealing ATM machines as I drove by.  I pirated thousands of movies, music and software.  I was in constant debt.  I was Godless.  And I believed that the solution to all of the worlds problems was a one-world government, where everyone was on the same page with the same beliefs.

When I came to the end of myself.  When I realized that what I was doing wasn’t bring about the peace, happiness and my dreams of being married with children.  In physical pain from the stress of work and of just being broken up with for the 10th time, I remembered Jesus, and I said the most crude thing, “if you have such big F-ing shoulders you can have my problems.” and immediately all of the pain and stress was gone and I felt exhiliration in my heart.  The next day I told a Christian co-worker what had happened, and he asked me the most remarkable question.  He asked, “Have you ever heard that no woman can ever satisfy a man, and no man can ever satisfy a woman?”  And I responded with, “That sounds right.  So who can satisfy a man then?” He said, “God.  Only God can satisfy a man or a woman.”  It sounded like absolute truth to me at this point in my life, and he invited me to his Church, which happened to be the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  From there I began reading my bible from cover-to-cover, and trying to do what it said as I learned it.  When I couldn’t stop sinning on my own, I found help inside and outside of the church.  I went through Living Waters with IHOP.  I attended Sexaholics Anonymous for 3 years, and I lead an Anger Management group for about 2 years.  I got counseling from a Christian counselor in the area for several months, sharing my specific issues and doing what he asked me to do.  I also prayed constantly and fasted weekly.  No food, no water. I think it’s important to really fast if you can.  “God rewards those who earnestly seek Him” Hebrews 11:6

At this point, I have been FREE from pornography, masturbation, and sexual immorality for over 7 years.  I became faithful to God by reading the bible almost daily and attending church at least once a week.  I got rid of all of my secular music and I replaced it with worship music and godly teachings.  I went back to all of the stores I can remember stealing from and made restitution by giving them money.  I paid off my debts and I stopped spending money I didn’t have.  I called my ex-girlfriends or their parents and apologized to them for acting sexually immoral and not leading them in a godly manner.  I GOT MARRIED and I HAVE 3 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!  I have the ability to get through really hard relational issues on my own and with help.  I can love and lift my wife and children out of anger, frustration, heart ache and sin.  I have peace and happiness.  It doesn’t mean life is easy.  I think the life of a Christian is HARD.  But it’s the best kind of HARD I can imagine.  I have a relationship with God.  With Jesus.  And I know that they can get me and my family through ANYTHING.

You might ask, why would I stick with a “religion” that is HARD.  It doesn’t sound like it has made your life easy.  what’s the point?”  And my answer is, “it’s the fruit of it all.”  I see nothing but good fruit come from a life with the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Jesus.  I feel stronger.  I agree with my understanding of the world given to me by the bible.  And I have so many experiences with God outside of the Bible that I couldn’t possible doubt God or turn away.

My prayer for you is that you would come to know God like I have, inside and outside of reading the bible.

More stories to come.  May God Bless and Keep you until then.






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