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I’m interested in all kinds of things.  Here are just a few:

  • I love learning about God by studying the bible.  I think about Him all of the time, and I’m fascinated by what God has been recorded as saying and doing throughout history!  He has also done some amazing things in my life, and I want to write about them here.
  • I love parenting!  My wife and kids are amazing!
  • I love web development.  I have been doing it for over 25 years.
  • I’m into fishing and hunting.  My father-in-law bought me a boat to take the kids out on.  I got my first deer in the fall of 2016 and my second in the fall of 2017.
  • I am learning how to defend my self, my family and those around me.  My wife and I got our concealed carry permits several years ago.  I continued to get military skills and drill training, to be a help in any situation.  I went through Kansas City Emergency Management’s CERT training in 2018,

Michelle Sings

Michelle has been singing and lifting up the Lord all of her life. She is just precious to me and everyone around her. Please visit her site at www.michellewick.com to see what she’s up to.


Docker + mysql + Composer Gotchya!

Have you ever tried to use docker-compose to create a MAMP container?I have!And I ran into one of the most confusing problems ever.Now, I ran docker-compose up -d several times, as I figured out how I wanted my docker-compose.yml configured to run my wordpress site.Eventually I added environment variables for the MYSQL_DATABASE, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASSWORD and …