WordPress – Unable to Update or Publish Posts

I have been unable to update or publish a post in WordPress for the last couple of months!  Every time I tried I got the message, “Update failed” or “Publish failed”.

I couldn’t figure it out. I’m using WordPress 5.1.1, and I upgraded to the latest PHP, but I still could not publish. No other errors. Nothing to go on. I tried setting WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG to true in my wp-config.php file. Nothing. No debug.log was generated and I saw no debug messages in my web browser, and worse yet, I had no answer as to why I could not publish or update posts.

Well, I noticed after almost giving up, that when I logged out of /wp-admin I was sitting on a /wp-login.php page that was insecure (I saw the http: protocol in my brower’s address bar.) Well I wasn’t gonna have that. I don’t want to accidentally log into my wordpress site insecurely, so I figured out how to force SSL for all admin pages. I set FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to true in my wp-config.php file, and would you believe it, I tried to log in using the http protocol, and it sent me to https, and after I signed in, I was able to finally update and publish a post! That was it!

I haven’t seen any articles describing this solution to this issue, so I’m posting it here for now.

Hope this helps someone else.


Thanksgiving Day

We had big plans. First, we would have lunch with the Mizell family at a hotel in Independence Missouri. Then we were going to host dinner at our house for my in-laws, Phil and Brian. But God had different plans.
I woke up because my son Jonathan was crying. Moments later he was throwing up on the bed between my wife and I. Michelle sprung into action, wiped the baby up, and we were back to sleep, minus one mommy who was now sleeping safely on the living room couch. She wasn’t feeling good to begin with. She had taken some apple cider vinegar last night to keep from getting sick. Several minutes later Jonathan woke up again, this time to throw up in my face. The amazing thing was, I was not mad or upset at all. I just held my boy, full of love and compassion for my little guy. I cleaned the puke out of my nose and wiped him up so we could get some more rest. And we did. I’m not sure how much time passed, but when we woke up again, Jonathan continued to puke every 30 minutes or so until noon.
We had to skip the Mizell lunch, so that we didn’t get anyone else sick. Aunt Roberta and Uncle Denise stopped by to pick up the pies that we were supposed to have brought to the Thanksgiving Day lunch. They were so sweet. Denise prayed for healing in my wrist. I tore the ligaments in my right wrist almost 6 months ago, and I am still dealing with looseness, grinding, popping and pains. They also prayed over baby Nissi’s nursery and the rest of our house. We were really greatful that they stopped by. They are always so kind.
Well, Jonny got to feeling better after noon. He started eating, and eventually he ran outside to play on the trampoline in the leaves. We also had to cancel dinner with Phil and Brian. Phil has been fighting cancer in his lung with chemo treatments at the VA, and we didn’t want him to get the flu, which could be harder on him than most people. We went ahead and made the dinner that I had bought from work yesterday. It was wonderful. Everyone got pumpkin pie. Michelle still isn’t feeling good. But, watching the Saints play the Falcons is easing the discomfort.
I’m getting my web site set up so that I can share more stories, videos and photographs with everyone in the future. Love you all, and have a great weekend!